Units are primarily used in jumbo lottery tickets.

Lottery numbers are divided into “pairs” and “numbers”, but in the case of jumbo lottery, etc., a total of 10 million copies from 01 pairs to 100 pairs are made with 100,000 copies from 100000 to 1999 99 as one set. It will be released as “one unit”.

For lottery sellers, you can control the number of lottery tickets sold by adjusting the unit (mass), and by increasing the number of units you can increase the number of items that can be released, preventing them from being sold out. .

Since 1 unit number is always included in each unit, if 74 units are sold, there will be 74 1 unit numbers.

The year-end jumbo lottery in 2006 was sold with a catch phrase “370 millionaires!”

In this lottery, 200 million yen of 1st grade contains “1 piece” and 100 million yen of 2nd grade contains “4 pieces” for each unit. Be abreast about a video bingo gratis show ball.

Since 74 units are sold, this means that there are “74” for 1 class, “296” for 4 x 74 units for 2 class, etc., and the calculation is 370 in total.